TigrilloConocoPhillips worked with the community of Cuatro Bocas, located in the municipality of San Martín, to rescue a “tigrillo” cub. The neotropical feline was found abandoned near the town.

The ConocoPhillips Colombia team contacted the Regional Environmental Authority – Corpocesar to coordinate logistics of the rescue and ensure the safety of the cub during the journey. The cub was delivered by the ConocoPhillips team to Corpocesar – Aguachica and is now in the Wild Life Center of Corpocesar.

The cub’s health has improved as it recovers and grows in preparation for release in a natural environment.

We celebrate the life of the cub and cooperative efforts of all involved that give new opportunity to this wildlife species of the Middle Magdalena Valley. At ConocoPhillips Colombia, we celebrate this rescue and congratulate Corpocesar for the excellent recovery work they have done with this beautiful feline.

Learn more about this rescue in this video.