Employment Scams

Please be advised that ConocoPhillips has become aware of activities where criminals are using ConocoPhillips’ name and logos in employment scams. These scams can appear professional, so it is important any prospective applicant research the legitimacy of recruiting communications to stop fraudsters and avoid falling victim.

Examples of such scams include:

  • Questionnaire based employment interviews
  • Questionnaire based decisions to hire
  • Requiring payment (or pre-payment) for visa applications or processing services
  • Employment offers over social media, such as Facebook

Although counterfeit recruiting communications can be difficult to detect, there are some common indicators to help spot the frauds. ConocoPhillips and its affiliated companies will never ask for fees or upfront payments during the recruitment process or as part of an offer of employment, nor will ask for new hires to pay any fees associated with their employment, including visa applications.

Other common indicators:

  • Unsolicited communications,
  • Misspellings of ConocoPhillips in online domain names or email addresses,
  • Non-ConocoPhillips email addresses (e.g.: yahoo or gmail.com),
  • Offer of employment without physical interviews,
  • Request for payment to apply for a job,
  • Request for financial account details,
  • Request for personally identifying information (Social Security Number, Social Insurance Number, National Insurance Number, passport information, passwords, etc.)
  • Request for payments to be sent to a third-party, and
  • Request for payment for professional or business opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of any communication purportedly by or on behalf of ConocoPhillips or an affiliated company, please contact us.